Roasted Broccolini and Lemon With Parmesan Recipe (2024)



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I substituted potatoes cut in 1 inch cubes for the broccoli, and onions for the Lemon, added rosemary. Delish.Oh, wait, that's a different recipe altogether.

Lynda H.

This is delicious. I used a large Meyer lemon, as the rind and flesh is tasty roasted. Halved lengthwise any large broccolini stalks (thanks for the comments . . . love you guys!). Muddled the smashed garlic with 3 tbsp. olive oil (to get a bit more garlic flavor into the dish) before tossing with the broccolini and lemon in a large bowl. Spread everything out on a half sheet pan. Used all the Parmesan (1/2 cup = 50 grams). Roasted for 20 minutes. Perfect, IMHO.


My 12-year-old asked for seconds and then thirds. Case closed: Jury finds recipe delicious as charged.


A classic very easy stand-by. Members of my family who completely eschew broccoli gobbled this up. It’s important to dry the broccolini very well before roasting (in a salad spinner, towel or whatever). I was serving it with quite a rich dish (duck confit + gratin dauphinois) and the lemon was a welcome tart addition. Red pepper flakes also added a bit of “oomph” to cut the fat.


This IS genius. Don’t skimp on the lemon! I’ve made this three times. The last time I parboiled the broccolini for just a minute and dried it in a towel quickly before seasoning and roasting—vastly improved the texture and flavor.


Make sure to really caramelize the lemon slices. I cooked everything together for 15 minutes as instructed, then took the broccolini out and left the lemons in the pan to crisp up a bit more - maybe around five more minutes. Perfectly browned and tasted delicious!


This is one our favorite vegetable recipes. We have found that cooking the brocollini on a cookie sheet crisps up the florets better than cooking in an aluminum pan. Maybe the airflow is better on a cookie sheet??? Made this several times. The cookie sheet is the way to go.


I've made this a few times and I just can't get the brocollini to get tender in the over. I need to blanch it first to get the right mix of tenderness and crunch. Anyone else have this issue?


Pine nuts are a fun add.


This is delicious but the absolute key is to cook until the crowns are dark brown and crisp. However long that takes.


Also, separating stalks into individual ones helps to get the desired tender/crunchy texture. I used Meyer lemons so it wouldn’t be too tart. I use a similar recipe for asparagus, with or without the Parmesan depending on the main and it’s great.


Absolutely delicious just as it is. We were practically licking the lemony, garlicky oil from the serving bowl at the end of the meal. (And by “practically” I mean actually.)


So good! Add red pepper flakes for more heat and cook at 450 degrees for ~12 minutes to get the lemon really caramelized. This time I snipped the broccolini into bite-sized pieces (probably could have done before roasting) and boiled a bag of tortellini on the side and scooped them directly onto the baking sheet, mixing everything together and using the clinging cooking water to scrape up the toasty bits to make a sauce (inspired by Alison Roman's Vinegar Chicken). Added more parm and YUM


I was out of lemons so I subbed in a heavy handed coating of King Arthur's "Bagel Seeds" with poppy, sesame, etc. Added salt and pepper and then the Parm with a little panko.It was yummy, but the best was the crusty bits of oil and parm coated seeds that stuck to the foil on the cookie sheet. Thanks for a delicious idea for dinner!


adding the Parmesan at the end works so well, it doesn't brown too much and adds a nice salty flavor

julie brown

Par boil broccolini first

julie brown

Par boil broccolini first


Holy Moly, this is AMAZING!! Took me (a non cook) only 20 mins to prep and 15 to bake and it looked like a magazine cover and tasted INCREDIBLE. NYT is NOT known for simple quick and inexpensive recipes so this is a definite KEEPER. Everyone was in love and wanted to know when I’m making it again and can I make a triple batch? Answers: soon and yes!! A


Yum. Also great as leftovers


This is a fantastic way to prepare broccolini!


I used Broccoli and this dish was out of the world!


Fantastic! I halved the broccolini amount but left everything the same because I’m a man of excess. Highly recommend - followed the recipe exactly. Super easy and flavorful.


This was so good! Only thing I changed was I used regular broccoli instead of broccolini. The crispy bits of garlic were delicious! A very well balanced side.

Val from NZ

Delicious - but definitely blanch the broccolini first.

use two cookie sheets

I used the spray avocado oil for this. Be liberal! Added a bit of agave to the veg and the lemons. Make sure you have some of those lemons and garlic touching the cookie sheet. Use an extra lemon if you need. Note to add Parmesan near the end was perfect. Let it bubble a little and be amazed at how delicious a garlic, agave and Parmesan roasted lemon taste along with the broccolini. It’s so good. I make this once a week. Perfect with crab pasta.

Lisa Y.

I followed others suggestions for infusing the garlic in the oil, and added red pepper flakes as well. Served with crab cakes and the lemony goodness paired perfectly with them.


Just did a single serving of this and it is delicious. Super easy way to do broccolini


The flavor is delicious, but the brocolini is so tough and chewy. And I split the thick stalks before roasting. If I try this again I may take the advice of another commenter and parboil the broccolini for one minute before roasting.


The roasted lemon is divine. Excellent recipe.

Rafa Marengoni

Subbed the lemons for limes, added a bit more garlic, and finished them off with 3-5min broil. Game changer.

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Roasted Broccolini and Lemon With Parmesan Recipe (2024)


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