Floral Therapy: The Amazing Ways Flowers Can Heal You (2024)

Receiving fresh flower arrangements can work wonders for your emotional and physical health. Mounting studies have shown that colorful blooms, whether it’s a beautiful orchid plant or a bouquet of roses, make recipients feel genuinely grateful and happy in an instant. That being said, it is no surprise that there are many techniques tried and tested over time as to how to use flowering plants therapeutically.

What Is Floral Therapy?

While doing our own research on this topic, we discovered that there are many types of flower therapy. We’ll discuss each one by one later. Basically, floral therapy is any intentional use of flowers or floral derivatives, whether flower essences, oils, or tinctures, to take advantage of their beneficial and healing properties. The healing properties may vary depending on the specific flower that you are using.

Flower Essence: Bach Flower Therapy

Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, this form of flower therapy involves the use of floral essences as an alternative and homeopathic approach to address emotional and psychological suffering. There are 38 different treatments in Bach Flower Therapy. Each is based on a particular negative human emotion. Here are some examples.

  • Mimulus or monkey flowers - for easing fear and anxiety for known things
  • Clematis - frustration about dreaming of the future but not working in the present
  • Wild rose - apathy and drifting away
  • Star of Bethlehem - a crisis formula for shock after receiving bad news
  • Holly - hatred and jealousy

DIY Flower Arrangement as a Form of Therapy

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Gone are the days when florists are protective and possessive about the secrets of flower arranging. Now there are many floral experts offering intensive workshops and certificate classes on the different techniques and art form of floral design. It was during these classes that florists like Sayeh Rafiei, owner of London-based Galton Flowers, discovered the impressive stress-busting properties of flower arranging. She observed that no matter how rigorous the training may be, the students always end the day on a positive note.

“When you come for floristry if you make a hand-tied bouquet the wrong way, we teach you how to make it right, but with the therapy, there is no wrong or right. It’s purely about bringing out and then capturing their feeling on that day, involving both their emotions and their hands, and the finished work is something they can take with them as a permanent reminder of how they experienced themselves on that day,” she explained when asked about the difference.

Flower Colors: Eisenman Flower Therapy

Leatrice Eisenman is a renowned color specialist and is the Executive Director of the Pantone® Color Institute. Eisenman’s flower therapy centers on the colors of the blooms and how it positively affects our mood and emotions.

"Our response to color is intensely emotional, and flowers can be a catalyst for feelings that stimulate more than just our sense of sight and smell,” she reveals.

The Eisenman Flower Therapy believes that choosing colors of a flower arrangement is important not only for the interesting flower meanings but for the pleasant emotions it can trigger.

Nurturing Floral Arrangements

In pastel shades, creamy whites, subtle greens, warm peaches, and soft yellow come with the promise of comfort and compassion. They are ideal for get-well-soon flowers, sympathy flowers, or a gift for new mothers.

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Spring Parade

Romantic Flower Arrangements

In a captivating mix of warm and cool hues, such as pink and lavender, evoke beauty and love, not just the romantic kind of love but the assuring affection from mothers. These are usually used as bridal bouquets and Mother’s Day flowers.
Floral Therapy: The Amazing Ways Flowers Can Heal You (3)La Rosa

    Tranquil Flower Arrangements

    Floral Therapy: The Amazing Ways Flowers Can Heal You (4)

    Bel-Air Clouds

    Feature a color palette that is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. It comes with a calming and soothing effect. A heaven-sent present for anyone who feels stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with work and life in general.

    Sensuous Flower Arrangements

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    Splendid Sunset

    Filled with bold red, fiery oranges, deep purple, and hot pink blooms. They deliver messages of romance, passion, and sophistication. For a lover who you want to reassure with your love.

    Whimsical Flower Arrangements

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    Composed of an upbeat and vibrant blend of colors. They are best for celebrations, such as birthdays, graduations, promotions, and other joyous occasions.

    Whether it is for you or a loved one, order flower arrangements to lift up your spirits during challenging times or as an effort to improve your emotional well-being. Use your friendly florist as a fun version of a therapist. Try dropping by a floral boutique to expose yourself to all the delicious colors and textures of the beautiful flowers there. You will be surprised at how the experience suddenly makes you feel happy and positive.

    Discover the beautiful benefits of orchids and flowers with Orchid Republic. Shop online or visit our floral boutique down in Sherman Oaks, LA. We offer same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County.

    Floral Therapy: The Amazing Ways Flowers Can Heal You (2024)


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